Di., 25. Mai



All The Things We Should Have Said

Abstand Bitte Series- An opportunity to vivify the unlived moments of life. Durational, interactive performance. 2-5pm + 8-11pm TICKETS AT --> https://bit.ly/3yvpBGp

All The Things We Should Have Said

Time & Location

25. Mai 2021, 14:00 – 23:00 MESZ



What would you say if it wasn't already too late? All The Things We Should Have Said is a durational installation performance, in which the artist acts as a proxy for someone in the audience-participant's life or history, with whom they have unresolved business. You are invited to make contact through Zoom and give voice to what has been left unspoken in real life. For you the artist might inhabit the place of a dead relative or pet, an estranged partner, unrequited crush, former boss, housemate, collaborator, or a lost object for example. In witnessing the words that got stuck in your throat, the ones you swallowed, the ones which ran out of time, together we might redraw relational territory traditionally dominated by therapist, priest, or clairvoyant. 

An intimate yet public encounter, a moment of live confession, release or reconciliation. 

Conceived and Performed by Leigh Sayers