Undercover anti-gentrification

An advert asking for artists to run a cafe in Moabit appears online. Free access to space and funding for start-up costs - it sounds inviting. As a group of artists looking for space during lockdown, we decided to apply. But when the ‘cafe space’ was revealed to be a flat owned by Russian property developers… we decided to change our tactics…

Our Story

Formed in Weisensee in 2011, :Artwât! emerged in

response to the changing international art

landscape after two of its founding members met each other at the Dubai Biannale. 

:Artwât! is a collective, a space, a concept, a philosophy.

:Artwât! has since curated a number of underground

pop up events internationality under different

titles including Rambling Tongue (Oubliette Art

Collective), Reel to Real NightLife (California

Academy of Sciences) Details Unknown, Utopia (with

Penny Woolcock at Roundhouse London) and Penguin

Plays Rough.


The world of Artwât:!

A world of abandonment, transcendental abandonment.

A world of cosmetic surgery where people make themselves 5 times the size of normal people

A world we sleep in nature or on the street once a month

A world with starved bouncy castles

Adverts so invasive they slap the audience

An orgiastic explosion every week at the same time

Begin the real quest to define the absurd as no one really bothered before 

Blood sweat tears and cum

Break into theatres during shows and storm the stage. Invade the classical rich houses with armies of performers.

Capital punishment for architectural offences

Each day of the week to be allocated to the mood of a Grecian god

Extremely long performances tapped and sold as b sides.

Gain a better understanding of hatred

I don’t want to hold hands in a circle, I want our legs wrapped around each other

We want prejudice rooms, a racist room, and a sexist room where we get it all out and put it in the bin.

Make productions for furniture


More nature to mutate and become half man half moss

No literalism

No shoes Mondays

Of a pink quivering blamonge

Ooze dripping audience


Porn to be played behind us when we do company administration

Reappropriating spaces for performers

Speak poetry, eat poetry, shit poetry, fuck poetry

The inside out and the outside in, adopt external structures and consciously take them in

To become artistically pregnant and to give birth and eat your own placenta

To investigate how what we consume actually hits our body

To orphan our creative spawn where they are cut off and survive on the love of others

To really breed, extended over very long periods of time

To really find out what the orifice is

to redefine the word enemy

Turn everything upside down and stick everything onto the ceiling

Uplifted by the fists of people below me


A world where Björk is forced to sell frozen foods

Where it is a legal requirement to talk to trees

Where we accept a fence is still a wall

This is the world of Artwât:!

Still works


Frozen life

Julian Traveeno


The pearls of discovery


Bottoms up

Lié Ben Anders


Mixed Media Orchestra

Hedwig H.Einz


Danger shop Danger

Julian Traveeno


Pencil Sketch